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Our Wine

The selection of wines contained in our wine list have been carefully selected with the same pride and passion that we take with all that we do here at The Grill and Grape.

We have selected wines that highlight the features and expressions of the regions highlighted. With our local Australian grown and International wines, we utilised a network of trusted specialists to ensure the quality of each bottle presented to you.

We endorse a policy of continuing education to help our staff achieve a more thorough understanding in order to provide you with an exceptional experience.

Enjoying a glass of wine can be a great adventure. Take the opportunity to try something new that will hopefully excite and delight.

We understand we have an extensive selection, but do encourage you to engage with our staff and please do not be afraid to ask any questions.

Thank you for joining us today at The Grill and Grape.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Shaun Heywood


The Grill and Grape

Great wine prodcuers such as Port Phillip Estate, Leeuwin Estate, Henscke, Penfolds and many more can be found at The Grill and Grape